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I developed a meditation for taking medicines, and for weaning yourself from medication altogether.
Suppose your doctor has prescribed you a needed medication. Take it out of the bottle and sit comfortably in a room where no one will disturb you. Put the medicine in a saucer. It is important to think to yourself that this is the day that will bring you perfect health.

First, you need to relax – this will take about 5 minutes. Then, visualize yellow sunlight and the sun warming you with its rays. If you can’t visualize, sit under a lamp, bring your hands close to its warmth, and squint and try to recall what sunlight feels like.

If your medicine is in a capsule, pour the contents into your saucer; if it’s a tablet, break off a tiny piece. Then, put a particle of the medicine on your tongue and remember its taste, but don’t swallow it.

Sit like that for about 5 minutes. Remember the taste of the medicine and imagine that you are feeling better, that your pain is gone. Put your hand on the place that hurts. Tell yourself that from now on, just by thinking about this method, you will make your pain go away. Even if you have a chronic illness, try not taking your medicine a second time, remembering that last time you made your pain go away by taking only a small particle. But do all the things I described first. Until you achieve positive results, perform this meditation along with taking your medicine. By the third or fifth day, it will take you no more than 2 minutes – one to unite yourself with the drug, and the other to remember and normalize your body. This works because your body has a genetic biological memory, which can reproduce in your body not only the chemical structure of a substance you tasted, but also the chemicals your ancestors used long before you were born. In a while, this meditation will help you normalize your body. For when you stop taking medicines, you stop traumatizing your body with side effects. So, by regulating your own body, you can influence your organs to strengthen your body’s defenses, which strengthens your immune system, and as a result, improves your health and lifespan.

I have also created a meditation for a sick person to restore himself on a molecular level.
I have to explain this meditation to each person individually, since first I have to sense what the problem is, and the problem can result from other past abnormalities in the body. When a person comes to me and says that he feels fine, except for a slight vision problem, I tell him that I know more than 30 reasons for why that could happen. Even because of flat feet.

I developed technique can help many people to restore their functions. Seniors or anyone who underwent a surgery and anesthesia may have difficulties urinating or defecating. As advised by doctors they take laxatives or drugs easing urination.  But very often these medications have contraindications. Urologists recommend those people to watch running tap water. And if there is none, a person needs to wait long till urination starts.

That kind of doctors’ recommendation helps very few people. They sense incomplete urinary bladder emptying and they have to get up at night to get to the toilet many times. Then they cannot fall asleep and feel tired and exhausted the next day.

About 10 years ago, I looked into this matter and found a very interesting solution – a man should take a small amount of water in his mouth and slowly let a thin trickle into the water-closet pan. For women I suggest the following – take a bottle or a cup of water, take some water into the mouth and then let a thin trickle into another cup.

While urinating one can hold water in the mouth, and when the urine stream gets weaker release a thin trickle of water from your mouth again. Thus one can easier empty the bladder and can avoid many trips to the bathroom at night. It also applies to women.

But often times the urge to urinate is related to the inflammatory processes in the genital areas of men and women, including candidiasis, trichomonal urethritis, balanitis. Diabetes may also cause this problem.

When you take some water into your mouth and then release it slowly, your brain is the first one to respond to the process and not your bladder, and then the brain sends a signal to your bladder to relax. Besides, the water in your mouth becomes a part of your body, one of your body fluids.


For those who suffer from insomnia, I developed this technique 15 years ago. Many patients of mine consider it a panacea from insomnia.  It works as follows – when you get to bed, lie comfortably on your back, and put your both hands behind your head. Then in your mind say to yourself that as soon as you put down your right hand and then your left hand, you will fall asleep soundly. You need to put down your hands very slowly – first your right hand, then your left hand, or vice versa.

If you don’t manage to fall asleep quickly first time, repeat your try a couple of times. If you don’t fall asleep right away this night, repeat it next night. Gradually you will manage it.