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  • Tamara Kiselenko, NJ:

    …Dear Alexander, for 10 years I have collected all magazines with your interviews. I am happy to own your unique books The First Revelation of Alexander and The Second Revelation of Alexander that you signed for me.
    But now I’d like to tell you about what happened in my life. I have a sister who is 8 years older than me and she lives in Kharkov. Six years ago she was diagnosed with cancer. They removed her female reproductive organs, a part of bladder, her left kidney and spleen. She had metastases in her lymphatic system, so both breasts were to be removed. She developed lymphoma; her lungs were filled with fluid. Doctors, after having tried everything, gave up on her, she was doomed. And then, about 1.5 years ago you first told us about your miraculous helixes. I decided to buy all three of them, because I know that everything you offer will benefit people.
    To be honest, when you told me that using the bigger Conical Helix of Alexander (bCHA) I would be able to try and heal my sister, I did not believe you. You also offered the copper plates. As the days passed, my sister’s health was dwindling by the hour. She was unable to get up, she could not talk. Her son would hold the phone for her, and I, overcoming my tears, would tell her that she would recover soon. I could not go visit her because of the immigration problems. Meanwhile time was mercilessly taking away from me such a dear person.
    Once I suddenly noticed the glow of the Conical Helix. I could not take my eyes away from it. Then I took the helix in my hands and started fervently asking it to help my sister. I lay down on the couch and quietly fell asleep still holding the helix. I saw a wonderful dream – as if I am with my sister who is surrounded by strange black birds that did not look like eagles or crows. I come up closer to her and I realize that I am not afraid of them but I try to disperse them; they take off, and then they fly back to my sister, they come in bigger numbers. Suddenly I see a purple glow in the sky that targets those black birds. As soon as it touches them, the birds soar high in the sky and disappear in the clouds. I woke up with my heart pounding. I took the Conical Helix in my hands and asked G-d to save my sister’s life. I called Kharkov. An unknown woman picked up the phone. My heart sank. Probably my sister had died, and her son was unable to talk to me, I thought. Overcoming internal tremor and worries I asked who she was. She said she was a neighbor who had been asked by Anatoly to stay with his mom. I said I was
    Tamara – the sister. I asked where Lena and her son were. The neighbor told me that Lena felt much better that day and Anatoly was asleep.
    She also reported that that night something incomprehensible happened – the entire room had been lit with purple light which hovered over Lena for 30-40 minutes. When it disappeared she opened her eyes and said that she was thirsty. They were able to talk to her. Now she was sleeping; though she was still weak, I should not worry and wait for her son to call me when he woke up.
    About 4 hours later my nephew called and told me that he had applied two copper plates (that I had sent them) to her stomach and to her head, then to her heart, then to her other organs. Then he saw a mysterious purple glow which grew bigger and filled up the room. He woke up Julia, the helper, and he asked her to stay because he could not understand what was going on.
    They saw some shadows that looked like bats, swirling in the room, descending on Lena and then soaring; then everything disappeared but the light that shaped into a triangle which hovered over her and lit her entire body. First they were scared, but Julia said that it was something mystical sent by G-d to take Lena to Heaven. But then the glowing disappeared, and Lena opened her eyes and asked for water. Then he said that my sister wanted to talk to me. When I heard her faint but clear voice I got confused and cried from happiness. We talked for 3-4 minutes.
    She started eating and walking; now there are no cancer cells in her body. I don’t know what helped her, maybe your bigger Conical Helix. But I have no doubt about the fact that you took part in saving her life thanks to the energy embedded in the plates and the helix. I thank G-d for having learnt about you and for the helixes you developed.
    Thank you for everything.
    Tamara Kiselenko, NJ

  • Liya Politkovskaya, New York.:

    … Dear Alexander! Once I had a very bad night sleep, I woke up and looked at the clock – it was 5:30AM; I decided that I needed to go back to sleep to be able to function at daytime. No sooner than I fell asleep again, there came a phone call – it turned out to be the wrong number. I went back to bed at around 7AM, but could not fall asleep until 8AM. I had heartache and an irregular heartbeat, and also some heaviness in the head, and a strange spasm in my ears – my ears felt “popped”. But I needed to get up to go to work. My entire body hurt – my heart, and liver, and my right kidney, I was shivering. I was confused and did not know what to do; I checked my blood pressure – the numbers were very high 180 over 97. Suddenly I recalled that I had bought the Healing Shaft from you, as you called it. I took it and rolled it between my palms as you instructed. I rolled it 30-45 seconds at a time, 3 times. And within 15 minutes my condition was back to normal.
    I felt such a relief that I cannot describe – I felt fresh, physically vigorous, strong, my body warmed up, my pains and aches were gone. I walked to work, I was as fit as a fiddle; I worked all day long, I was not sleepy at all, I did not feel any fatigue. It’s a miracle. Now I carry the Healing Shaft in my purse – it’s very light – about 1 oz.
    All I need to do is to roll it between my palms, and again I feel stronger than before and ready to move
    I’d like to note that I bought the Healing Shaft 3 months ago; over this time my vision has improved, and I don’t have liver pains anymore; my headaches that I had been suffering from since the age of 16, are almost gone; but the main thing is that I no longer have any problems with my gastrointestinal tract. I have recommended to all my friends and relatives to use this miracle. And now many of them confirm the improvement of their health condition.
    This is not an advertisement, but my personal opinion. Now that I have read your both books and all your interviews I’d like to buy your three helixes and your food supplement.
    Thank you for all you have been doing for people. I bow to you and your family.
    Liya Politkovskaya, New York.

  • Bronya Kitaygorodskaya, NY, Queens:

    …Dear Alexander! I am a gynecologist, and I want to express my gratitude to you for having saved my life. Two years ago I developed a droopy eyelid on my left eye. I have visited many well-known American eye doctors, who recommended a surgery – to cut off a part of the eyelid, explaining that it happened due to a muscle paralysis. One of my friends advised me to speak with you because you had helped her to get rid of the mucus in her throat, which had bothered her for more than 26 years.
    When I came to see you, you examined me and asked my permission to check my lymph nodes. You thoroughly palpated them and then you asked me to lift my left arm and then my right arm. You paid attention to the fact that I lifted my right arm higher than my left one; and you asked me if I smoked. I said that I used to, but quitted 3 years before. You also asked me if I coughed, to which I replied in the negative.
    Then we talked about some unrelated matters – like children, grandchildren. When you heard that my daughter was a music teacher, you asked for her phone number as if you wanted to give it to your friend who intended to get music lessons for his child.
    During the session you gave me your recommendations and you reset my Biological Clock. You told me to have my lungs checked.
    I left your office with the hope that I did not need a surgery on my eyelid.
    That night you called my daughter and told her that you suspected that I had lung cancer. When she told me that, I was beyond myself with anger. I thought to myself “another pseudo-healer”.
    Next morning I called you and I told you what I thought about you.
    Now I’d like to tell what happened next. I curse that day when I did not listen to you and I gave my consent to the eye surgery. They operated on me but the eyelid was drooping and drooping. Then I started coughing. I thought I had a cold; sometimes I was short of breath.
    I thought that I got allergy due to taking antibiotics. Four months later I found an enlarged supraclavicular lymph node; and as a physician I understood what it meant and I was scared.
    I went to my PCP who referred me to the oncologist who confirmed the diagnosis that you had given me. I was terribly ashamed that I had behaved like that and had wrongly insulted you. My lung cancer was stage III, so there was hope to battle it. I called you to ask for an appointment, but I gave you my false name. I came to the office to be the last patient and I wanted to apologize.
    When you saw me, you seemed to be taken aback. And instead of apologizing, I started crying like a baby and I hugged you. You began to stroke me on my head, my back and shoulders.
    You invited me to your office and you promised that everything would be fine. I told you what had happened to me over that time. Doctors scheduled me for a surgery. But you looked at my tests and suggested some alternative treatment along with chemotherapy and radiation. The surgeons removed only my two lymph nodes but not my left lung. You worked on me once or twice a week resetting my Biological clock every visit. I recovered in 5 months. Your system of helping cancer patients has no analogues. My life was saved when you gave me the correct diagnosis. I recommended my friends to see you. You diagnosed my friend’s husband with testicular cancer long before its clinical signs. I bow before your knowledge. Your diagnostics is so accurate and unique that it can be more trusted than a computer. Gratefully, Bronya Kitaygorodskaya, NY, Queens

  • Nina Kondratieva:

    November 23, 2011 at……..
    Alexander, your books shed light on the truth that had been concealed from people by priests and clergy who burnt out any dissidence. The books give people an opportunity to learn so many secrets that had you lived during the times of inquisition, you would have been committed to fire. But it turned out quite the opposite — you revealed the true face of hypocrisy of the so-called champions of religion. I am a Russian Orthodox, but I am ashamed of the fact that I believed in all this religious fabrications before I read you books».
    Nina Kondratieva, California
    P.S. Thank you for the food supplement Serotonin Luxe — it helps me a lot.

  • Yan Repitsky:

    These books contain a mystery that is revealed to each person individually. They make readers analyse; that’s why everyone finds a rational decision for his/her specific case which helps to look at life at a different angle and resolve the problems. These books provide a key to those concealed parts of the brain of a person that give an opportunity to find an answer to the eternal question ‘Why did we come to this planet and why were we given life?’ Oftentimes we are sceptical of the offered books. And I am not an exception. But still I decided to take a risk. Now I thank G-d for not having changed my mind.
    Yan Repitsky, Chicago.

  • Bella Satskel:

    Dear Aleksandr!
    What amazes in your books is that people who used to live by their laws, start changing and begin living in accordance with the laws of the Universal Mind (Intelligence). The value of your books is that there have never been similar books before on the planet of Earth. This is the reflection of a thinking substance (matter) of the single brain, uniting the rises and the fallings of a person. We have learned so much new from your books that is not available in any encyclopedia; their uniqueness is in the change of the narration. If you read them today, tomorrow you will find in them something else – what you did not read yesterday. Many people wrote about it but I did not believe them until I was convinced of it myself. They incorporate the system of changing the out-of-date stereotypes. Your books is a stimulus for life, activity, creation and love. They teach the readers how to find the way out of the problematic situations and how to touch upon the fine beauty.
    Bella Satskel, Miami

  • Bella Mirkus:

    The books of Aleksandr Tarashchansky help in most dramatic situations. This is confirmed by the letters quoted in his interviews. Those letters are a cry from the very heart of people who got into troublesome situations. His main protagonist is a child who while talking to a sage, grows up and matures, and becomes a teacher to others; and we mature and learn with him. Then we become the wanderers who during the time travel acquire knowledge that has never been available on our planet, and foremost we heal ourselves and get a desire to create; we change to the extent that we wonder how could we live the way we lived before.
    Bella Mirkus, Philadelphia, PA

  • Felix Bauman:

    Each book has its fate, but I am sure that Aleksandr Tarashchansky’s books will be studied by scientists. His books help people who read them to answer the everlasting question, “What am I here for?” And the main thing is, they help people to change, and find himself or herself, his or her soul and body in harmony with others and nature. They help to brighten up one’s loneliness, fill up the life with hope. There are no words to describe the excitement that those books gave to me.
    Felix Bauman, Denver, CO

  • Raisa Tsimling:

    These books prepare us for changes towards ourselves and others. G-d first shows us our worst traits, and then gives us an opportunity to make our choice between good and evil. But often, we do not notice this gift coming from our fate, and we refer to karma all the time. We find thousands of reasons to feel sorry for self, to justify our dishonest deeds, we blame anyone for our failures, but not ourselves. I am not better or worse than others, I lived in a musty small river, not knowing where the stream would get me. I just lost heart, spent seven years struggling for the survival of my paralyzed husband. After his death I am all alone, my daughter lives in San-Francisco, and I live in New Jersey. I am 72, I am still strong, but depression broke me spiritually. The world has become empty. I went to visit my daughter. But everybody is busy there, so I could not even talk to her. At night she drops dead tired, in the morning she rushes to work. Within 8 months, we were able to communicate for three days only. So, in one of the Russian food stores I saw a magazine called The Healthy Way of Life with an interview with Aleksandr Tarashchansky. I read it carefully and wished to buy all his books and interviews. Thanks to them I learnt how to forgive without asking for anything in exchange. Those books are one more chance to approach the healing of one’s soul and body. They give an opportunity to clean and purify self from sins, and find oneself in a spiritual sphere, to reject one’s past and to plunge into the purest lake of knowledge. I am absolutely sure that he embodies the divinity of G-d.
    His books are unusual because they create us anew and call forth to search for the truth. There is an episode in his books where he describes how the time was created in vacuum that the Universe, the Galaxies, the planets originated from, how the first cell occurred and divided, which was the beginning of life. His books describe a dialogue between the sage and the child. This is not just a dialogue, this is a reset of our biological clock, which Aleksandr refers to in his interviews. Thanks to all this we are dissolved in the narration, changing our genetic form of health and thinking. So, there is a good reason why so many people get better and, what is more important, change their outlook in life. With the responsibility, I declare that it is unprecedented, there was nothing similar written in the world, there are no more unique books than his. And as he claims, this information was transmitted through him. I believe in that, I have no doubts about it. In the past, I was wondering though the night, and all of a sudden the sun rose in my soul as a new hope. Thanks to his books I have found the meaning of life again.
    Raisa Tsimling, New Jersey

  • Leonid Shenker:

    I ordered the books The First and The Second Revelation Of Aleksandr and all the interviews. I read everything carefully and came to the conclusion that, like Moses who brought the Israelites out of the desert and out of the house of slavery, you, Aleksandr, lead us to the bright road of goodness. We walk this road while reading your books, and we get rid of the prejudice, we clean and purify ourselves, restore our physical and spiritual balance, and recover.
    I don’t have a grain of doubt that they were passed to us through you, as you are saying. They capture our attention from the very first lines, and do not let us go until we read them through the very end.
    It is amazing that after having read them, the very next day I would open the books again and again at different pages and read them until I finished them one more time. It is unexplainable – I was reading them as if for the first time. As if their narration has changed. I called my friends and they were of the same opinion. What’s that? It’s a kind of mysticism. I have always thought that what they write about your books is merely for advertising purposes. After having read them, I can say for all to hear, that those genius books are sent to the humanity through you, so that people would change their lives. The readers’ letters that you published in your previous interviews confirm my conclusions. Your books incorporate something that the human civilization has not reached yet. Your books make us think about the meaning of life. A child standing in front of the sage that you are referring to in your books, it is us standing in front of you and your unique knowledge. I am 86 years old, I am the author of 6 books on engineering, I am interested in physics, quantum mechanics, gravity, I knew the outstanding people: Sakharov, Kapitsa, Korolev, Khariton, Ambartsumian and others. And I seriously and honestly claim that your books are unprecedented and have no analogues today. I think they are the best books in the entire history of civilization. I do not flatter you, I bow my head before your knowledge. Moreover, I have made up my mind that I will not die until I read your Third Revelation. And when I do read it I will know where my soul finds its rest and refuge. And let you know, that it will only happen due to your books and the transformation that happened to me. I am happy that at the end of my life I was able to touch upon the Divine Revelations.
    Leonid Shenker, Denver, CO

  • A. Mezheritsky:

    This book shocked me in a good way. It opened up for me an absolutely new comprehension of the nature of things, new view of the past, the present and the future. I was blind, but having read both Revelations of Aleksandr I was able to open up my eyes and see the world under a different angle. I realized that I left behind me a dirty shell of prejudice, greed, envy; I saw myself altered and modified, and clean and purified of all sins. I want to do good and to enjoy a new notion of life. Those are the most unique and amazing books I have ever read in my whole life”
    A. Mezheritsky

  • Anna:

    Dear Aleksandr,
    My story began in spring of 2009 when I found a lump on my left breast next to the nipple. Some time after, the lump moved downward and to the side – closer to the armpit… a month after I went to my primary care physician. He sent me to get a mammogram which turned out to be abnormal. Then a chain of doctors’ (surgeons’) visits and tests started – a biopsy, an MRI – with unfavorable result “a cancerous tumor a little less than 2 cm in size”, with two enlarged lymph nodes which had cancerous cells as well. All those tests and the hassle lasted all summer long.
    In the beginning of summer I came across the TV Guide magazine with your publications, as if G-d himself was stretching me a helpful hand. I read all your interviews that were available at that point, very carefully. I got interested and called you to order The First Revelation Of Aleksandr, I asked you how to use the book and the system of numbers and colors. You gave me your recommendations. I made a diagram for everyday convenient usage, and during the entire summer when I was going though all those tests, I studied the diagram and read your book The First Revelation Of Aleksandr many times. It helped me to overcome my depression and not to fall into despair.
    On October 20, I underwent a surgery to get the left breast removed. The surgeon was surprised to find that the tumor got smaller – shrank to 1 cm. He also removed the lymph nodes which turned out not to have any cancerous cells whatsoever… It means that during that time my tumor shrank by a half. This is to your benefit, and I am very grateful to you! Thank you very much for your warmth and kindness!
    Respectfully, Anna

  • Vlad Rosov:

    This book must be read by everyone. It must be read many times, to find overlooked details. It directs us to righteous behavior.
    There are books that are always new, though the centuries may pass. One who has not read this book has missed much; it provides enlightenment. For without that book, one lives in blindness. We scurry forth in this life and think that we have time – to make money, to create stability – but this is misguided. Often, as we wander, we are led further astray by the beguiling world of hope, vainly looking for light at the end of the tunnel, but this leads us further from reality and into the absolute darkness of despair, leading to the desire to end it all. But thanks to your book, Aleksandr, I did not do that; I rose up and saw an entirely new world open up in front of me. I came forth into the light and a rainbow shone in front of my eyes. This book, believe me, is a way to change your life, to widen your outlook on the world, and to heal. I am a skeptic and do not trust advertisements, so I first ordered all the interviews with A. Tarashchansky. He describes unique things, and publishes many letters from people who healed, changed their lives, and recovered their youth. It is very strange to me. His books can heal and restore spiritual balance better than any medicines, and this is a treasure that I found by pure chance, but thanks to which I found my place in life.
    Vlad Rosov.

  • Yefim Vinnitsky:

    There are sacred books, there are books the content of which cannot be told about, they need to be read and comprehended. All of us have favorite writers and their characters; there are books which we keep as valuables; there are authors, whose works we recommend to read to others – to the relatives, friends; we re-read them, relating to the events of our lives.
    The narration of Aleksandr Tarashchansky’s book The First Revelation of Aleksandr, in an unimaginable way takes us back to the past where together with the main character we mature, study, cover the path from a substance to a matter, from a cell to the human being.
    Within a short period of time, some changes at the genetic level take place in your body, balancing the biological clock, making you to return to the past, to rejuvenate. The narration of the book pours into you as a stream of pure air in a musty cellar, as a saving streamlet at the time of intolerable thirst.
    The books are given through collective experience and the sufferings of mankind; then they are fixed by the superior substance which transfers this information to a chosen individual who relays it to us. And it is no wonder that it was received by the author of the book. Had you read his interviews, you would have understood how outstanding they are.
    His recommendations are unprecedented; read all his interviews, and you’ll be convinced.
    Therefore his book treats; it is better than any textbook on medicine. I have no words to express my delight; but if I tell you that I was enlightened spiritually and physically, and also got rid of quite a few ailments, and rejuvenated, it still won’t be enough to express my admiration of the book. In fact, looking in a dirty puddle, one sees it as a vice, and others see the reflection of the sun in it. This book will allow you to see the sun.
    I am an atheist, but thank G-d that through such people as Aleksandr, such invaluable knowledge is relayed to us.
    Faithfully yours, Yefim Vinnitsky

  • K. Zeitlina:

    Having read Aleksandr Tarashchansky’s First Revelation, you can no longer live as you lived before. You want to re-read the book over and over again, and the most fascinating thing is that every time, you read it with as much interest as the first time around. And every time you open the book, you are amazed. This book contains the genetic memory of the Universe – the origin of humanity. Reading the dialogue between the child and the wise old man, you, too, grow along with the child and travel in time from the past to the present and the future. The story carries you so far into the past that you start feeling like a particle of the Universal Mind; the very first living cell is born before your eyes. The revelation by the author that the word GOD is an acronym – Genetically Ordained Destiny – is peerless. The book contains everything that you’ll need to fill your inner emptiness, to keep old age away, to escape your problems and illnesses, to start a new, happy, and healthy life. But the most amazing thing is that as you are reading this book, you forget all your worries; time seems to stop. Thanks to this book, I conquered my depression; a creative impulse appeared within me. Before, when I’d read others’ letters about this book in The Healthy Living magazine, I thought they were paid advertisements and looked at them with skepticism. But now I have recovered from tinnitus, from which I had suffered for 14 years, the lipoma on my back disappeared, my blood sugar normalized, and I feel like I’m flying like a bird because the pains in my joints are gone, I understood that it’s not the book that brings healing, but the thought pattern that is implicit in the book. Reading it, you perceive the secret of eternal youth and of renewal of the body. I was especially impressed by the dialogue between the child and the wise old man, in which the child asks what Time is, and the wise man replies “Time is the petal of a rose; it falls down to the ground, but there are many other blossoms on the bush. Some wilt and die, and others bloom and live. New living buds will grow, replace the wilted blossom – for this, too, comes from God, as does all the genetics of the Universe.” When I meditated on the meaning of these words, I realized that they contained the secret of rejuvenation. They reminded me of the “resetting of the biological clock” method, about which I read in one of A. Tarashchanski’s previous interviews. The bush of which the wise man speaks is life, and the roses and buds symbolize the struggle of opposites – to wilt or to become a fragrant rose. Oh, and one more thing – the age spots on my skin have gone away.
    K. Zeitlina, Oregon

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