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Recovery Witness

19 Responses to “Recovery Witness”

  • Inna Bogachinskaya:

    Despite of the fact that all my life words have been my area of expertise, when I try to identify the indefinable phenomenon of Alexander Tarashchansky, I am overwhelmed with an abundance of epithets, or I am unable to find the right and the best ones, and the words get stuck in my throat as there are no adequate words in the vocabulary to profoundly and fully describe the phenomenon of Alexander Tarashchansky.

    There is an enormous amount of sophisticated advertisements of all kinds of magicians, healers, seers. But the question is whether they carry the “seal of truth”.

    The undeniable fact is that Alexander Tarashchansky, despite his modesty and the lack of self-exaggeration and narcissism, is clearly endowed with High-power energy. He is a kind of a Messenger, carrying a mystery, unfathomable to most people on Earth. It may seem that he simply talks to his patient on abstract topics, but his sensory canals immediately perceive the information on the status of each organ of the patient.

    Alexander’s unique energy, streaming from the Higher Sources, is able to alleviate physical and spiritual pains of those who turn to him for help. These rare powerful healing vibrations have the ability to penetrate into the depths of the human jungles and transform the chaos that reigns their and leads to the disorders of various body systems.

    The Almighty has certainly introduced A. Tarashchansky into His narrow circle of chosen ones. And accordingly, He has showered him with unique gifts – besides a rare gift of a healer, Alexander is granted with multifaceted talents. The Information passed to him by the Higher Mind is cloaked in an amazing “outfit” of poetic lines with healing properties. They also serve as antennas used to transmit the Higher Knowledge to the people of Earth, as well as the directives for recovery which penetrate our subconscious. Alexander Tarashchansky is the author of the rare books loaded with healing charges.

    If one lists everything that the Creator has compactly and intelligently embedded into him, it will seem implausible. I can predict the skeptical words thrown at me like “She got an order to write all these tales”. No! No! And no again! Despite the fact that Alexander rescued me countless times and was always generous in giving his strength and knowledge to me, he has never even hinted to me that as an experienced journalist I’d write something about him. He really does not need it. After all, the scope and the geography of his activities are more impressive than numerous exclamation marks and praises.

    Are there many individuals like him, who are not only healers but are inventors as well? And Alexander invented a completely unique product charged with his highly efficient energy. These cylindrical and conical copper spirals/helixes balance the basic vital elements of the human body. They also reset the biological clock of a person which results in the rejuvenation of the body on the cellular level. The thought-forms of Alexander embedded in his helixes input the life-asserting programs into their regular users’ bodies and minds.

    And there is one more invention of Alex Tarashchansky – the healing shaft, which I call a “magic” one; it protects our brain from unappealing changes and imbalances. It also heals many physical and psychological problems.

    What is most appealing to me in Alexander Tarashchansky is that he is very special, gullible and candid. These qualities are usually typical of truly great people in any sphere of human activity.

    With my determined selectivity and maximalism, I do keep sending a mental dispatch to the blue skies and Heavens with gratitude for Alexander’s capability to access the painful areas of those who come to see him, and for his talent to extinguish those zones of pain, and for his sensitive and immense soul. And in general – THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!

    Academician of the Russian
    Academy of Folk Art,
    Member of the South-Russian Writers’ Union,

  • Zina Koch:

    …«Dear Alexander, about 8 years ago I started experiencing nosebleeding, mainly in the morning. My pillow case would be covered with blood spots. I visited many doctors and was given all kinds of diagnoses — from allergy to polyps in the nose to cancer to the weakness of venous ducts to overeating.
    The MRI test and the blood tests showed nothing. I started taking medications as prescribed by the doctors to make my blood thicker. In 3-4 months I developed hemorrhoids, palpitation, shortness of breath, dark circles under the eyes.
    Before, my blood pressure was 130/75 (80), after those medications it increased to 160/90. I developed headaches, indigestion. They canceled that medicine because of the side effects. A Professor, well-known in our Diaspora, said that I was allergic to my cat that had died 2 years before my problem. He explained that I had ticks everywhere in my apartment.
    My daughter and I made a major cleaning, threw out carpets and took my area rugs to the dry cleaners. Nothing helped. I visited many healers. I rinsed my nose with baking soda and salt dissolved in water, with oak bark infusion, celandine, chamomile, hydrogen peroxide and turpentine — nothing would help.
    When I had an appointment with you, Alexander, you said that I had two problems — endometriosis that I knew about, and renal pressure due to hormonal dysfunction.
    You explained to me that at 2AM the narrowing of capillary blood vessels takes place and results in the lowest blood pressure of the body. At 3-4PM the pulse is the lowest, that’s why the brain gets the minimal amount of blood. And then at 5-7AM the heart and the lungs become more active. The heart begins to pump blood and the pressure rises which results in enhanced brain blood circulation. This leads to my increased blood pressure.
    You said that I was lucky that nasal vessels ruptured — that saved me from a stroke. If not for that, I could have died. You advised me to take my blood pressure pills at night. You also recommended your techniques to lower the blood pressure.
    When I woke up the next morning there was no blood on my pillow case. Kudos (acclaim and praise) to you for your knowledge and for your help!»

    Zina Koch, Brooklyn.

  • Nina Ilyenko:

    … You gave people hope to change their lives. The CHA’s you offer help people in an unexplainable way to discover their inner potential, something deep-seated in their brain, which turns out to be in demand at the most difficult time of their life when one wants just to give up in despair and to surrender oneself to the mercies of fate.
    When I was told that I had cancer it was equivalent to dying. How to go on with life when I am only 43. Because of nerves, I started losing hair and weight, became grey in two months. I cried all days long. My husband and friends looked up on the Internet for some help for me. They suggested to visit the site; in one of your interviews published there you give your technique to fight cancer. After having read that interview I realized that I need to read all your interviews and the books The First Revelation of Alexander and The Second Revelation of Alexander. In one of the interviews you quoted a patient who got cured from brain cancer. I have the same diagnosis. After your 60+ interviews, I read your books and I came to the conclusion that I needed to fight for my life because my three children and my relatives need me. I bought the «Conical Helix of Alexander» and the «Cylindrical Helix of Alexander». I began the battle for my life; for two months several times a day I asked the helixes to help me in my battle with cancer; and the tumor resolved. But doctors said that the surgery was unavoidable. So they operated on me, and my brain tumor happened to be benign! This is only to your credit, Alexander. Thank you for everything.

    Nina Ilyenko.

  • Robin Rafael:

    … They create harmony between body and soul, and the striking thing about them is their effect on the body.
    … Your CHA’s are granted to us from above through you, Alexander. They help people by changing their thinking and by opening up the inner content (spiritual life and energy) that otherwise would not have been discovered.
    … Those unique «Conical and Cylindrical Helixes of Alexander» are a vivid example of the human bond with the Cosmos. By putting the «Conical Helix of Alexander» on the back of your head where the thalamus is located, you enter the energy charge into your body which spreads in the body and boosts the immune system. I am sure, by putting it on the thymus gland, you extend your life by strengthening the immune system to resist infections. I ususally suffer from colds beginning from mid-September; now it’s November but I feel strong and healthy. My blood count has improved. I am 94 — may G-d grant everyone as good.
    …The «Cylindical Helix of Alexander» (CHA) is a miracle. When I clutch the spheres in my palms I feel tranquillity and warmth in the body. I feel that each and every organ of mine recovers, my sleeping habits have improved — I sleep like a baby. Before falling asleep I put the Cylindical Helix or the Conical Helix on my groin at the lower abdomen. In the past I had to get up 3-4 times per night to go to the bathroom, now I get up once a night. Alexander, I want to thank you for the helixes. I am a doctor with a 57-year experience. After I’ve read your books The First Revelation of Alexander and The Second Revelation of Alexander I developed trust in you and do not regret an ounce. Respecrfully, Yefim Torletsky, Los Angeles.
    … The «Conical Helix of Alexander» and the «Cylindrical Helix of Alexander» (CHA) are given to people to change their lives and world outlook. They are passed through you, Alexander, for people to get the thought-forms of good, love and compassion of each other. The CHA’s help people when they treat helixes with love and belief in help that they, their loved ones and other people can get.
    A reader once wrote to you that it is a living organism; I totally agree with him because it’s a kind angel who will help everyone who owns it.
    You won’t believe me but I asked the helix for only one thing — to help my wife who I am married to for more than 60 years. When I bought the helixes from you I doubted their efficiency as any person of sound judgement would do. But after I’ve read your wonderful books The First Revelation of Alexander and The Second Revelation of Alexander and your interviews, I became convinced that you are exactly the person who not only heals but carries the information of love to people. I was not mistaken about you and my choice.
    Now your CHA’s are my best and amazing friends. After I bought the helixes my wife’s health has improved; so after 4 months spent in the hospital she is back home. Thank you for everything, including Serotonin Luxe that helps me to repair my body.

    Respectfully, Robin Rafael.

  • Stasya:

    …Dear Alexander, after your latest interview, after hesitating a lot, I still decided to describe my condition after a 5-month coma. I was born in the Ukraine in 1948. I remeber my father who was always tipsy or drunk and he had fights with my mother all the time. I had an older sister and a younger brother who was born in 1954. When I was 12 my father died. My mother worked in a store and was there all the time. My sister worked at a post-office and had a side job as a seamstress — that allowed us to live more or less pretty well. After school I would go to pick up my brother from the kindergarten and babysit him.
    In 1961 (the year of the money reform in the USSR) my friends and I decided to read fortune on the New Year’s Eve. The name Tolik (diminutive for Anatoly) fell for me. Though there were three Tolik’s in my class, I liked neither of them. Once on a summer night I decided to go with my girlfriends to the club where they had social dancing. Like ugly ducklings, we were standing at the wall while people were dancing. I imagined myself at a ball in a palace where gallant cavaliers courted ladies and asked them for a dance.
    In my thoughts I was carried away to those times. Soon I heard that someone asked me for a dance. After we danced the tango, he stayed next to me. We danced the entire evening, and after that he saw me home.
    We agreed to go to the beach next morning. Everything swirled in the carousel — we would go for a walk, dine out, have picnics, kiss by moonlight. Recess is the best time in school. We could not get enough of each other. Soon he introduced me to his parents. They wer very friendly people. His father was a driver, he brought sweets and other treats for us from the town.
    In late summer his parents went on vacation, he stayed with his grandparents and invited me to his home. That was the happiest day of my life. We promised each other to be together forever. I lied to my mother that I would stay overnight by my girlfriend, instead I stayed by Tolik. When he learnt that he was three years older than me, he was upset.
    «I thought that when we get our passports (at 16) we’ll get married and move to the city of Kharkov where my uncle lives, or to Lvov where my aunt lives». Tolik was a really good lad; soon he began seeing me at my house, I felt that he loved me. I was his first woman, and I loved him very much too. I never shared with my girlfriends about our relations. At the end of 1961 he got his passport, and in 1963 he was drafted into the Navy in Sevastopol. I would visit him with his parents very often and I befriended his mother Zinaida Andreevna.
    The New Year’s Eve before his draft I celebrated with his family. He stopped hanging together with his friends — I became his friend and hope. Before going to the Navy Tolya gave me a gift — a golden ring with his name inscripted inside the ring. Parting with him was difficult, we stood for a while hugging each other, holding back our tears.
    I got his first letter in a month, then I would get 5-6 page letters every week. I wrote him 2-3 letters a week. For the New Year 1964 holidays I went to Sevastopol with his family. But we could meet only on January 4, and only for 1.5 hours. They had maneuvers and they put to sea. The second time I came to Sevastopol on his birthday. He got his 2-day leave of absence, and we spent the entire night sharing our feelings.
    In 1965 our correspondence got very strange — I would write 3 letters a week and would get 1 letter in 1-1.5 months. He referred to being very busy, maneuvers, and a grave political situation.
    His parents were getting even less letters. Alexander, I won’t trouble you with the details, in short — he came home with a new girlfriend. His mother came to me to say that the girl is pregnant and there will be a wedding, and then they move to Moscow. Her father is a general, and Tolya is transfered to a new job in Moscow.
    Since that moment, my life was cut short. The wedding party was supposed to take place in our club where he firts asked me for a dance. When all guests were already there and the newly weds were supposed to walk the carpet, he saw me. First he looked down then up, and his eyes were filled with tears. Passing by me all he said was to forgive him for everything and that he would love me forever, then he followed his bride. I came home and fell on the couch, tears choked me. «It’s all over, it’s all over, it’s all over», the clock was striking. I went to the kitchen to have some water, and suddenly I saw a knife. Saying «It’s all over» I stabbed myself.
    Dear Alexander, now I’ll tell you what happened next when I was clinically dead and I was in a coma for 5 months.
    I saw myself on an island; big wonderful butterflies with human faces were flying around. They kept telling me not to be afraid and to spread my wings to be able to fly. Suddenly I flew. I had never seen such a beauty. I recognized my mother in one of the butterflies. I asked her, «Mom, what are you doing here?» And I realize that she had died. «Where are you heading?», I asked her. And she answered that she was flying to my father. «He is drunk». I said. «He does not drink anymore. He became an angel and wants to tell you something».
    Then I see an angel with my father’s face. I fly up to him, and he drops on his knees in front of me and my mother and asks us to forgive him for not letting her live and depriving me and my siblings of happy childhood. Then he gets up off his knees and tells me that I will be going back home soon. But before that he wants to give me anothet chance of love. «Look at this butterfly», and he calls it to fly up to him, «It’s name is Gregory. It’s an angel butterfly. Soon you’ll meet Gregory. He’ll always understand you and help you in everything. He has suffered as much as you have. He poisoned himself because of his love. You’ll live together. Do not hurt him, he is an angel in a human body».
    My father gave my mother his hand and they soared up. I stayed with Gregory. I followed him where he flew. Suddenly I felt that my beautiful shining reality was turning into a gray cold mash and I heard a human voice saying, «Stasya, open your eyes, it’s me, your brother Sergei, open your eyes». And then something bright floated before my eyes and I opened them. My brother and sister were at my bedside, I smiled at them and said that I saw our father and mother, maybe in the Garden of Eden, where there were butterflies with human faces.
    When I got stronger and was discharged from the hospital, my sister told me that our mother died a month after she learnt what I did to myself. But that was not the end of my story. When I came to the hospital for a follow-up with the operating surgeon, a young man of about 25 came up to me and we got into conversation. And he told me that he knew me. «How come?» I asked him. «When I was in a coma I was introduced to you in my dream». «And what is your name?» I asked him with a thrill at my heart. «Gregory». I thought I would pass out. Later on I learnt that he had been in the same hospital in a coma after poisoning himself.
    After leaving the hospital we went for a stroll in the park, then he saw me home. I could not sleep all night long, thinking about our encounter.
    Gregory would come to me every Sunday, bringing gifts. He befriended Sergei and taught him to play chess. The New Year was coming. He invited all our family to his home for the holidays. They lived in Donetzk. His parents cordially welcomed us, and we felt being cared for from the very first minute. At some point Sergei felt tired and went to the bedroom. In a couple of hous Gregory’s parents went to sleep as well. My sister joined Sergei. Gregory and I were sitting on the couch holding our hands for a while.
    After having graduated from the University, Gregory was doing an important job that he never discussed with me, just mentioning jokingly that he was a chemist.
    In 1966 after my school graduation, Gregory proposed to me. We got married in November 1966. In February of 1967 Gregory got an offer from a Moscow company and he helped our entire family to move to Moscow. Here I graduated from the Moscow First Medical School and started working as a pediatrician.
    Time passed by. I was 29, Gregory was 37 but we still did not have children. We were worried and upset, saw many doctors and healers. But nothing changed. Once a lady came with her child to my clinic and she mentioned that she and her husband had had no children for 14 years, but she was helped by a healer from Kiev. «How did he help you?» I inquired. It turned out that he had advised her to plant three kernels of some specific grains, and when they germinated (sprouted) and became green, she should eat them saying that she and her husband wanted to have a baby. When the plant produced another offshoot, she had to repeat the procedure three more times, and until she got pregnant and had a baby, to continue watering the plant and taking care of it.
    I asked for the healer’s name and his phone number, though I was sceptical about it. Big deal! A Alexander Tarashchansky. But I still decided to use the recipe.
    Gregory loved me very much and said that he would find the best flower pots with the best soil. After I ate two sprouts I happily realized that I was pregnant. In due time I had a boy. Using the same method I had a baby girl in 6 years and another girl in 3 years. Though it was hard for me to carry a baby because I had only one lung, there was no end to our happiness.
    You are really an outstanding person and a healer. I could find you only in 2008 when I came to the USA, and I was able to tell you what happiness you had brought to our home. I am 65 now. I live in Florida and cherish your «Conical» and «Cylindrical Helix», I am absorbed in your books The First Revelation of Alexander and The Second Revelation of Alexander. Thank you very much for your food supplement Serotonin Luxe containing pure serotonin. It got me back on my feet and it made me young and happy. Your charged copper plates relieved my muscle and joint pains. All honor to you for helping people.

    Sincerely grateful, Stasya. Florida.

  • Yuriy Andreev:

    …Through Alexander we got two unique Revelations given to us in his two books The First Revelation of Alexander and The Second Revelation of Alexander, where he discloses our past, present and future; where he reveals lies of those who wanted to «dope» people and to «keep them in leash». Through Alexander, we got the knowledge that we were not aware of. I am amazed at the uniqueness of his books and interviews which I read in one breath.
    Through Alexander we got the copper plates charges in a special way which help me so much, as well all my relatives and friends.
    It’s a miracle that we have such a gifted person among us.
    Now I would like to share my opinion regarding the «Conical Helix of Alexander» and the «Cylindrical Helix of Alexander». They allow us to restore the lost body capabilities and functions, they help us to think and live in a new way. Apparently there is something inexplainable in the Universe which is revealed to the chosen ones, and they pass this great mystery to others.
    Alexander, using your knowledge you give people hope and a pathway to happiness and a long thoughtful life.It is really a miracle that through those two helixes people can touch on the Mysteries of the Universal Mind.

    Yuriy Andreev, Canada.

  • Tamara Prikhodchuk:

    … You know that many people suffer from insomnia, so do I. I would toss and turn in the bed till 4AM-5AM.
    Never getting enough sleep, being irritable — none of medicine would work for me. Two months ago I oredered both helixes. The first night after I got them I fell asleep at 12AM like a baby, but I woke up at 4AM. So I took the «Conical Helix of Alexander» in my hands and asked it to help me to fall asleep. In a few minutes it crossed my mind, «Take the Cylindrical Helix of Alexander and put your left and right palms on the spheres».
    So did I. I woke up at 9AM and felt strong, vigorous, healthy. Before going to bed I take the «Cylindrical Helix of Alexander» in my hands and fall asleep immediately. There is no explanation to that. And I like the «Conical Helix» most of all. As soon as I come home I rush to pet it and say «hello».
    Alexander in Greek means «protector of men». I would add «protector of desperate, forlorn, those who cannot stand up for themselves». I woul also add «helping those who want to overcome the dead-lock, giving Faith, Hope and Love».

    Tamara Prikhodchuk, Chicago

  • Bronya Shvernik:

    …My husband has Parkinson’s disease for 18 years. Now he is 76. He also has dimentia. In the past I managed to give him medication only by tricking him. About three months ago I bought the «Conical Helix of Alexander». I asked it day and night to help my husband; one month ago his condition began to improve and he started responding to my requests. I also bought the «Cylindrical Helix of Alexander»; now my husband asks about it and says that he wants to hold it because it helps him to concentrate.
    Recently he surprised all our relatives who came to my birthday party — he said a toast with congratulations, he joked and played with grandchildren. When the party was over, he turned on the TV and even made some remarks about politics. I believe that the helixes helped him.

    Bronya Shvernik, Florida.

  • Valeriya Fishman:

    …One night all of a sudden I had severe arrhythmia, the pulse count exceeded 200. I was at a loss and decided to call an ambulance. I called them and at that point I caught sight of the CHA. I took it in my hands and asked it to stop the palpitation. In a minute I got a telepathic order to rest it against my heart area. So I did. Then I fell asleep and was woken up by a door bell. The ambulance and the police arrived. They took my blood pressure, my pulse was 76 beats a minute.
    They insisted on taking me to the hospital because arrhythmia could come back. I took the CHA with me. They did all kinds of medical tests on me in the hospital for three days. But my blood pressure and pulse were normal all the time.
    A month later both counts are still within normal range. I am surprised and I am sure it’s not a coincidence. I write this letter because I want other people to believe in this miracle.
    Valeriya Fishman, Boston

  • Yelena Kuris:

    … Dear Alexander, I bought you conical helix about a month ago. To be honest, I was sceptical in the beginning. But then I recalled that I had been as sceptical about the copper plates that I bought from you. To this day I do not part with them. Now I cannot even imagine how I could live without them.
    I named the helix after my late brother who over the past 70 years would come to me in my dreams only four times. I did everything that you advised to do and went to bed.
    I woke up in the middle of the night because of some weird glow that was coming from the conical helix. Suddenly I saw my brother in reality. First he looked skinny and swollen from hunger like during the war. He died from starvation in 1943. Then I saw him as a strong and grown-up man with a smile on his face. He came with our mother and father who was killed in the war.
    They were standing at my bedside. My cat that always sleeps with me, suddenly set up its bristles, jumped from the bed and whisked to the other room. I looked at the helix which filled up the room with amazing glow and shifted my glance to my relatives. I was not out of my mind, I was really enjoying my happy interaction with my loved ones.
    Another night, though I took my medication my blood pressure skyrocketed to 180 over 95. I put my palm on the sphere and asked what had happened? In 10-15 minutes I got information that I had a problem with adrenal glands which responded that way to herring I had eaten at my friends, and I had to drink some tea and walk around 20-30 minutes. So I had a cup of tea and walked back and forth down the hallway. Then I took my blood pressure again, it showed 132 over 75, and I went to bed.
    Alexander, I think your helix modifies something in the brain. My hearing ability has improved, my senile pigment spots are gone, I am able to control my appetite.
    It’s hard to believe but I can now feel my children’s conditions though they live apart from me; I surprised my son when I told him that he had a problem with his hand (he hurt it by the door), and I told my daughter that she had a stomachache. I am 84, and now I take an interest in life — I attend computer classes.
    I also want to thank you for your food supplemet Serotonin Luxe — it brought my youth back.
    Thank you for everything.

    Yelena Kuris, Los Angeles

  • Gregory Pulovsky:

    Dear Alexander!
    I decided to write you a letter after having read your interview published in The Healthy Way of Life magazine where Leonid described that while he had been in the condition of clinical death he saw you working with him.
    Alexander, I met you three times — two times in the hospital, and one encounter in 2003 when I took you to the airport. I worked at a car service at that point, and you were heading to Poland. You did not recognize me, you were on the phone with your patients all the time.
    You have had many patients and would have never recalled me, but I always remember you when I have hard times and feel you presence next to me. But before I tell about the help you provided to me, I would like to tell about an c that I witnessed when you worked with my child. But first things first…
    I lived in Moscow. After our immigration in 1979, me and my family settled in Brooklyn, NY.
    The children were 11 and 14, that’s why my wife and I would not disdain any job, be it cleaning apartments,
    or attending to elderly, selling flowers at bus-stops, or making dumplings, or working at a car-service, or a
    moving company. My wife worked like an ox as well. So 4 year after our arrival in the US, we bought two cabs and a small 3-bedroom house.
    The USA is a wonderful country for those who want to earn money and live a normal life. I would go to
    China to buy good designers’ jeans and other goods at a lower price, and sell them in the US.
    Everything was wonderful. In another 9 years our real estate property was more than $8,000,000 worth.
    Our children grew up, entered the universities and were building up their lives.
    I started going to Russia more often, and once I got acquainted with a beautiful girl who was 23, and I was over 50. I fell in love with her, and I thought she fell in love with me.
    I divorced my wife who I love up to now, and left most of joint property to her. I indulged myself in a new life, and enjoyed it. I forgot to mention that when we got acquainted, she had a young daughter of 2.5. I brought them to the US. I experienced a whole new lease on life, the return of youth. She was a Russian citizen, and I was an American. She suggested that we could buy a few apartments in Moscow and rent them off.
    We bought 4 apartments and she privatised them in her name. We needed more money, and I had to travel to China or Latin America to buy goods and sell them here. When our daughter turned 4, she caught a cold and got seriously ill, the virus affected her thyroid. Antibiotics would not help. She developed throat and face oedema. She was put on hormones. Her kidneys failed. Everything was indicating that she needed dialysis, and a group of called together doctors, confirmed that.
    Though this was not my biological child, I loved her like my birth daughter because I had two sons from the previous marriage. In a month my wife told me that she needed to go to Russia urgently because her mother fell seriously ill, and she would come back soon. I would sit at the girl’s bed all nights through, would hold her hot from fever hands in my hands. I would listen to her breathing. In a few days I called Moscow, but nobody answered the phone.
    The child began suffocating, swelling, the doctors said they were unable to help her. They gave her 1 to 4 days to live. I kept calling Moscow time and again, but nobody picked up the phone. I could not leave my daughter… «Daddy, don’t leave me», she would say, «Where is my mommy?» She would fall into a deep sleep, then come to herself and whisper, «Mommy, mommy». At that point I did not understand yet that my new wife abandoned the sick child, and me as well… I hired a nurse and hoped for the divine providence, and it manifested itself. That were you, Alexander. You came to attend to another child, and I asked you see my daughter after you were finished with your patient.
    You worked with her for a while, may be for 2 hours, and then you said, «If she does not pass away this night, she will live a long life». When I came back to the ward, my daughter was sleeping and hugging the doll — the last gift from her mother.
    I moved up a chair to my daughter’s bed and put my finger in her little palm. Your words «If she does not pass away this night, she will live a long life», would come up in my mind again and again. The nurses, doctors and other specialists were passing by me, but I tried to catch every movement of my child.
    The evening was coming. Various machines were working and multicolored lamps were blinking, supporting life in her small body.
    Suddenly she opened her eyes shining from high fever and said, «I want that man who visited me before, tell me one more fairy tale».
    «And what tale did he tell you?» I asked holding my breath. «About a girl who fell ill and her fever dropped because different animals came to visit her: a doggy, a kitty, a bunny and a hedgehog. And when she woke up in the morning, they were sleeping in her bed, and she recovered». At this point the doctor entered the room, he spoke with the girl and then asked me with his eyes to come out to the hallway.
    «Mashenka, I am coming back soon and will bring you something interesting», said I, not yet knowing what that interesting would be. In the hallway the doctor said that she was in a critical condition, they could not lower the temperature, her kidneys did not work on their own, she was allergic to antibiotics, she had swelling of hands and feet, and her blood sugar elevated — most probably she would not survive till morning. I found myself in a terrible condition not knowing what to do in the first place — to save the dying child, or to leave for Moscow to figure out what had happened to my wife. My heart was breaking, I hurried and scurried about the hallway like a trapped animal.
    I went down to the lobby and saw a phone booth; though it was around 11PM I decided to call you, Alexander. I told you what I heard from the doctor, and about my feelings. You promised to come to the hospital immediately. In 40 minutes you entered the ward and started your healing session; in an hour you left the room and said that you had done whatever you could — her fever went down and you reset her «biological clock». I saw you to the exit; getting into your car you told me to call you with any outcome. I went back and all of a sudden I saw a big bunny on one of the chairs in the waiting area — some of the kids might have left it there. I picked it up and went back to my daughter. I put the find next to her; suddenly she opened her eyes, caught my hand and with tears in her eyes she cried out, «I don’t want to die! I will not die, right? Tell me Daddy!» «Of course, you won’t die», I said and turned my head away. I choked up with tears; without turning my head I came up to the sink in the room, took a few sips of tap water and washed my face with cold water and managed to calm down. When I faced her bed my blood ran cold — she stood in a white dress next to me and at the same time she lay in bed hooked up to the machines, and, Alexander, you were standing over her head in a scarlet-colored radiance, holding your hand over Mashenka’s face. Then you told her, «Go to your bed, your life awaits you». She was in bed, and you, Alexander, disappeared as if you turned into a blue cloud. All of a sudden Mashenka said, «Daddy, give me some water, I am thirsty». «The doctor does not allow you to drink water, I can only moisten your lips». «No, the man who just visited me allowed me to drink, give me some water!» Not being able to think straight, I gave her some water. She drank it enjoying it so much as if it were her most cherished dream. She had three glasses of water, one after another. And then she hugged the bunny and the doll, and fell into a deep sleep. I might be going crazy; I sat in the chair next to Mashenka’s bed and fell asleep.
    I don’t know how long I slept, but I woke up when someone touched me on the shoulder. There was an elderly nurse in front of me, she was happy to let me know that my daughter’s temperature went normal, and above all, her kidneys resumed functioning on their own. In the mornimg the group of doctors decided to take her off dialysis. And in another week she was back home.
    It was you who saved my daughter from death, and me from committing suicide. My second wife never showed up in the US. I know that she turned down my love for the sake of financial benefits. I could not get my apartments in Moscow as they were titled in her name. But I gained more — I saved a human being, and was awarded with a daughter and her love. She visits with me almost every day, helps me with everything, and I am the happiest father in the world. She never recalls her mother.
    Though I am retired, I am young in mind. My daughter is turning 24 soon, she will be a doctor. She recalls you very often. She wants to figure out how you managed to save her. We find no explanation to that, both of us saw your presence there.
    Our gratitude knows no bounds.

    Respectfully, Gregory Pulovsky, New York.

  • Irina Boyko:

    Dear Alexander!
    You may remember me, I am one of the sufferers whose health was ruined by doctors and who you saved. I am 46 now. Three years ago my problems began — instead of tears, my eyes started bleeding. It was you who saved my life thanks to your outstanding knowledge. But I would like to tell my story step by step. My information may save hundreds of people with a similar problem.
    I went to see the best doctors in our community. After some tests, one of the doctors found a small cyst in the tear gland and advised to operate on it. «After the surgery the bleeding will stop», he said. I agreed to the operation. As I had no medical coverage, I paid cash. After the surgery my vision deteriorated by 85%. In 16 days the bleeding began. As advised by friends I went to an American Chinese doctor. He ordered an MRI test and found another cyst in the tear gland and advised to remove it.
    I did not know what to do. I went to healers and fortunetellers. I saw foreigh healers. I wasted thousands of dollars but my eyes were still bleeding.
    I decided to have the second surgery. But G-d is there for us — someone left an issue of The Healthy Way of Life magazine with your interview, on the bench on Brighton 2nd Street. I called the phone number there but I was told that you were in South Carolina and was given your cell phone number. When I told you about my problem, you said that you had come across those symptoms many times — the underlying problem was my endometriosis, so I did not need an eye surgery but must go to an OB/GYN doctor.
    You explained that endometriosis is the condition when endometrial cells (cells from the lining of the uterus) appear and flourish outside the uterine cavity and get into intestine, ovaries and other organs, including they can «migrate» to the tear gland and bleed their several times a month.
    Thus you saved my life, dear Alexander. When I recovered from endometriosis, my eyes stopped bleeding. You are a great healer, a medical genius, and not a specialized eye doctor who inflicetd 85% vision loss on the left eye due to infection and 30% on the right eye.

    G-d bless you. Irina Boyko, NY.

  • Semyon Matusevich:

    Dear Alexander!
    Today, after I’ve read your latest interview I decided to write about an event that happened to me and changed my entire life.
    Twenty years ago when I was 43, I was slender, handsome, wealthy, was married, had girlfriends and lived a full life. One fall night I was driving in New York and I saw a woman sitting at the bus stop. I could not see her face because she was looking down. «She might be a drug addict, I saw many of them», I thought driving by. I was a bit drunk and started humming a Russian «restaurant» song. I drove a few more blocks. I could not understand why I was thinking about that woman all the time. Suddenly I stopped — some irresistable force made me go back to her. I asked if she spoke Russian. She looked up at me, and I offered to drive her home. She thanked me and got into the car. While the door was open and the light was on, I managed to see her face. Something stirred in my heart and I sobered up at once.
    «Where do you want me to take you?» I asked softly. «I don’t know yet. Any subway station». She was shivering with cold, and I turned on the heat. «May be you live far away from here. But I promised to take you home, so I will drive you anywhere», I was gazing at her beautiful face, her curly long hair; and with every passing second I came to understand that I was ready to give up everything to be with this woman.
    She looked up at me, then she looked down and uttered quietly, «I have nowhere to go».
    «Then let’s got to a hotel!» I took her to a hotel, paid for the room and said, «You take a shower, and I will come back soon». I drove to buy some food. On my way to the store I was thinking about her and my future fate. Now I could give my right arm just to touch her hand. I brought food and bought a bucket of carnations for her. When she saw the flowers she smiled.
    While I was washing my hands, she put the food on the table, opened a bottle of juice and poured it in the cups. We ate and talked at ease from 3AM till 8AM. Then she asked my name and introduced herself «Svetlana». Five hours at a stretch flew like a blink of an eye.
    «You go to sleep, and I have to check on my business. I will be back in 6-7 hours», I said. She thanked me for everything I had done for her. When I was living the room she set straight my shirt collar and touched my hand saying good bye and wishing a nice day.
    Alexander, it is hard for me to tell you the story of my life, but you may be the only person who I want to make a confession. I lie down on the couch and see the pictures of my life, after I calm down I can continue my story. I was a very wealthy man, I had a nice daily profit, and my wife was unable to check my revenues (just for your information).
    I enjoyed the luxury of life — friends, drinking parties, women, vacationing in the most prestige hotels,etc. But when I met that woman everything changed in my life.
    Let me continue my narration. You remember that I promised Svetlana to come back in 7 hours. I went home, took a shower, changed my clothes, put a few shifts of clothes in a big duffle bag, and told my wife that I was going on a business trip to another state, and I headed to Svetlana. As I had the key to the hotel room, I quietly open the door expecting to find my beautiful friend sleeping. But it turned out that she prepared dinner from what was left from my shopping.
    The flowers were all over the place in various flasks (a bottle, plastic cups). The room was neat and cozy. The curtains were pulled open, and I could see Sveta’s face at daylight. She was like a beautiful fairy from a tale. I was charmed. «Today we are moving to another hotel in Florida. I just need to make arrangements that someone keeps an eye on my car, then we call for a cab and head to the airport», I said. «But I prepared something to eat. Let’s have a snack and go», she suggested. In 40 minutes we got into a cab, and in another few hours we landed in Florida. That was one of the happiest days in my life! Our hotel room faced the ocean. They brought in champagne, delicious food and flowers into the room. In the airport, in spite of her «no» I bought clothes and shoes for her.
    … Now it’s hard to say when she told me what had happened to her and how she was left without means of support, all alone at the bus stop. Her story was as trivial as many other family dramas. I forgot to mention that she was 27 when we got acquianted. When she was 21, she stayed in Italy with her mother on their way to the US. She met a guy there, they began dating and got married in the USA. Her husband was 4 years older. When she was pregnant he started cheating on her, would come home drunk, and physically abuse her. Because of that she had a stillborn baby. He was her first and dearly loved man, that’s why she suffered beating without a word, hoping that he was not beyond redemption. As soon as she would move to her mother, he would beg her to come back home because he said he loved her.
    It lasted for many years. At the time I met her at the bus stop she was thinking of taking her life, as she confessed to me later on. She wanted to have a family, to love and be loved. I could give her all of that and get her love in return. A year later I managed to divorce my wife and marry Sveta. In another three years we had a baby boy. We had a wonderful family. Though I was 16 years older, we lived a beautiful life, I dearly loved my wife and my child, though I have a son from my first marriage.
    My first wife would often call us, and if Sveta picked up the phone she would curse her. She slandered my new family in front of our son. He ill behaved and was rude and a lout towards me and Sveta, though we treated him well. He hated his half-brother.
    Once, after I had a conversation with him, I realized his animosity toward my family. I asked him to stop visitting us until he would change his attitude.
    After that, he started his mean tricks — slashed tyres on my and Sveta’s cars, stained the cars with paint, scratched them, etc. I could not file a complain against him with the police. When we went on vacation he broke the car glass. Then I decided to talk to him; I called him up and set up a meeting. He came to the meeting with my ex-wife who told me that I had no right to see my son without her. She also called up Sveta and talked foul.
    During our married life Sveta garduated from the Columbia University and worked at a prestige hospital. But we had to move out-of-state because of my son’s inadequate behavior.
    Once, after 12 years of married life, when we lived in NJ, Sveta got seriously ill. She was suffocating, turning blue and red. She could not walk steadily, her hands and feet shook and swollen. We saw many doctors who gave her many wrong diagnoses and administered intravenous antibiotics, bone marrow sampling, and then hormones.
    She had all conceivable tests, but they could not give her a diagnosis. She was fading fast. People said that someone put an evil eye on her. We went to many fortunetellers and healers, but to no avail. She had no energy to walk around the room. I took her in a wheelchair to John of God in Brazil, as he calls himself. He said he could only pray for her recovery.
    Alexander, you consider an illness to be a sign for self-perfection, while he looks at an illness and death from it as the healing. Everyone has his own approach.
    She was feeling bad to worse after coming back from Brazil. She could not eat solid food and was getting intravenous nutrition, vitamins and minerals to extend her life. She could not move in her bed. I was next to her all the time, trying to guess her wish when she whispered something. I was ready to switch lives with her. All night long I would hold her hand, my eyes full of tears, and would not let the nurse attend to her. She was slipping into a coma.
    On top of that, my younger son developed asthma attacks. I took him to many doctors, but their recommendations were helpful for a short time. He was taken to the hospital several times. I rushed from the son’s hospital to my dying wife. Then another misfortune struck us — Sveta’s mother died. I was like a trapped animal. When Sveta divorced her husband he cast a spell on her like my wife put spell on me. I sold my three gas stations and focused on my family. I was ready to give away my millions for the life of my wife.
    Alexander, I don’t want to take your valuable time and would like to tell why I decided to write to you.
    My life was not a cherry pie. When I lived in Moscow, I was only 16 when I was confined to a colony for juvenile offenders, for stabbing. I was released in 4 months and then incarcerated again, this time for 4 years. In the USA I earned money as best as I could. Having saved some money I took risks and invested, got rich and started buying gas stations one after another. But when I met Svetlana, I realized that money is nothing but cotton candy as compared to love. Once, before she died, Svetlana opened her eyes and said, «My mother is already waiting for me in the other world». I asked her, «What are you talking about — your mother is alive» – I lied to her for the first time in our married life. «No, you are not telling the truth. My mother told me that she died. Give me you hand». I gave her my hand, she held her in her hands for a while, and I felt them getting cold. Then she asked me to put my hand on her lips. I did. She kissed it and closed her eyes. I started shaking her and screaming not to die. I forced her to open her eyes, so that she could see me. When I raised my hands to appeal to G-d for help, I saw a white-and-yellow ball of energy that was flying up to Svetlana’s face and then moving to the door. I began to beg this ball of energy go back into her body. Suddenly it occurred to me that it was her soul. At that point a nurse entered the room and left the door open; the ball left the room and soar up to the open window. I would have never told anybody about it, had you not mentioned about it in your latest interview.
    I am turning 63 soon. Life flies like a blink of an eye. I cannot date anyone because I still feel my beloved wife’s kiss on my hand, and the warmth of her lips, and her hands’ touch. Alexander, I will be grateful to you till the end of my life for saving my son’s life. He is turning 17 soon, and we are best friends; we have travelled to 11 countires. He took after Svetlana. He is smart, self possessed, honest. I was advised to see you when he was sick with asthma. If not for your help, he might not be alive.
    I am still amazed by your prompt ability to give the right diagnosis to my son and my late wife. You are really a great healer and diagnostician. When I met you in 2006 in regards to my son’s condition, you suggested mold spore poisoning in my house and advised to move out. I built a new house. And based on your recommendations, in 3 months my son totally recovered from asthma attacks. Had I known you before, my wife might have been alive. Now I live in Florida, and my house is open to you. I am excited reading you books and interviews, I am amazed by your knowledge.
    I would like to add that G-d sent me Svetlana. She expanded my inner world and my outlook. She took a great interest in esoteric and philosophical studies and introduced them to me. I observed many wonderful products of a human genius. If not for Svetlana, I would have wasted my life and would be good for nothing.
    At my age and with my life experience I have learnt to tell deception from truth. And now I want to say the most important thing — you have compassion for people, your experience and very specific help, which I learnt through my bitter experience. Not everyone has read your books yet — The First Revelation of Aleksandr and The Second Revelation of Aleksandr. But those who read them will get rid of the their problems.
    Your interviews are the life manual. They are as unique as your books. They supplement each other.
    Your food supplement Serotonin Luxe helps me to cope with depression and unstable blood sugar count; it helped my sister with urinary incontinence and diabetes mellitus, and to lose weight.
    About 1.5 years ago I strained my shoulder in the gym; I ordered Vitasan that you recommend and applied it to the sore shoulder for a few weeks. Very soon the pain was gone. I told my American neighbors about the hemorrhoid relief cream HEEL BHI, which they ordered and which soothes their discomfort. Interestingly enough (for your statistics) I use this cream for my varicose veins; within 2 month my condition improved to the point that the doctors were surprised. When my son who plays baseball hurt his knee, I applied this cream to his injury. In a few days the swelling and the pain were gone. I take off my hat to your humanity and willingness to help people. And I repeat that my house is always available for you.

    Respectfully, Semyon Matusevich, Florida

  • Leonid Litman:

    Dear Alexander! Everything in this life needs to be paid for. Even bad thoughts about an individual, but remember: every spoken word or any action may have a counter action.
    …For example, Happiness will have its antonym: Unhappiness, Love – Hatred, Truth – Lie, Hope – Disappointment and so on. And though I am still relatively young (I am 40), I feel wise as if I lived several lives. And all it thanks to your books The First Revelation of Aleksandr and The Second Revelation of Aleksandr.
    But let me start from the very beginning: in 2004, while celebrating my birthday, I suddenly felt very dizzy and I fainted. I fell – it was in a restaurant, friends lifted me and helped me sit at the table. I was sitting there for another 4 hours, feeling so distant as if I was in a trance. I saw people coming up to me, heard them saying something, but I failed to understand anything. My wife thought it was a side effect of alcohol, therefore I was “not there”. When we came back home, my condition worsened. I had hot flashes, I was sweating, my right foot would not obey, I barely took a shower and went to bed. In the morning I felt very dizzy and I fell asleep again. Several hours after, I was completely fine – as if nothing ever happened to me.
    It was so nice to feel good again! I went to the kitchen, all my family was there – my wife, my 11 year old son and 7 year old daughter. I went out with my kids for a walk.
    While walking I kept analyzing my yesterday’s condition and couldn’t find any explanation. “What could have happened to me?” I wondered. I go to the gym 5 times a week, walk my dog every evening for over an hour, I jog on the weekends. Most likely, it was alcohol or food poisoning. Nothing major, I thought. We celebrated my birthday on Friday, and I started feeling tingling in my right arm and foot over the weekend. The sensation was not a pleasant one. My wife suggested we should go to a hospital. “What if it’s a mild stroke”, she said.
    We spent 5 hours in the hospital waiting to be seen by a doctor, filing papers and waiting. And finally, in another 2 hours the doctor came to examine me. Multiple tests didn’t reveal anything – EKG and blood work were within norm. The doctor said that most likely I was very stressed and over tired. In the room I was administered intravenous multivitamins and minerals. My wife wanted to stay with me, but I insisted on her going home. On Monday I was seen by a more experienced doctor, who asked for an MRI test to be performed. And only then a brain tumor was discovered.
    It was at this moment that my life was divided into two parts – before and after the tumor.
    At first I refused to understand that this had happened to ME, who lived a healthy life, was only 32 years old, and had a perfect family and promising job. When the doctor came with brain cancer diagnosis, I could hear no more. “This is the end’, I thought. And I panicked… I called my wife but couldn’t speak. She understood that I had problems, and she rushed to the hospital. I saw fear in her eyes, she was pregnant. What will happen to our third baby?
    Later, an Indian surgeon stopped by and since it was a large 2.5” tumor, suggested an urgent surgery.
    I must say that in US doctors don’t feel sorry for the patients. … and always tell the truth. After the surgery, he said, they will provide chemo and then radiation therapy. Maybe it would help me to live for 8 months. And if I don’t do anything, I will live for only 4-6 months.
    I decided to get discharged from the hospital and get a second opinion. On the way home we didn’t talk. We stopped by my in-laws to pick up the kids, and there, on the sofa I saw an open book – The First Revelation of Aleksandr. Out of curiosity, I took the book, and heard my mother-on law’s voice, she said she had read the book over and over, and her husband started reading the second book.
    I opened the book and read “Life is a trial in which we must sufficiently perfect ourselves in order to obtain immortality after Death”.
    I was still a little confused, didn’t have a clear picture, but your saying about immortality, Alexander, has planted a deep seed in my mind. On our way home, I tried to smile to my kids, but I felt dead inside. The words of the doctor “you have 4-6 months to leave” for some reason connected with “we have to obtain immortality”.
    Second medical opinion was the same – I had 4-6 months of life left. Or, 8-12 months after a complicated surgery. But the surgery could have side effects, even paralysis.
    My wife had a miscarriage a couple of days later, caused by her tremendous stress. The world collapsed around me and my family – I couldn’t work, we couldn’t pay rent. I did have life insurance; in case of my death my wife would get $300,000. But if I commit suicide she would be left with nothing. I felt like a trapped animal…Maybe out of despair, I said something hurtful to my wife, and she left and took our kids with her. Thousand times I told myself to keep cool, to find strength, but all was in vain. I went to visit my in-laws. I couldn’t recognize my mother-in-law – she became “black” of tears and grief. I saw my wife, came close to her and embraced her. Our eyes met…we communicated silently with glances, I saw my wife’s regrets and we shared tears of love, compassion and apology. She told me she loved me very much. We were back together again. And suddenly I saw the book The First Revelation of Aleksandr, again.
    “I want to read this book”, I said. Sure, my wife agreed. After returning home and putting our kids to bed, I went to the kitchen and started reading. My wife bade me goodnight.
    I was thrilled reading your both books. And I never thought of my disease. Alexander, I think you don’t fully understand the effect of your book on your readers, the value and uniqueness of the information that you share with mankind. It was way after 4 AM when I finally went to bed but I couldn’t fall asleep. In the morning I called my mother-in-law and asked her where she had got your book. And only then I called you directly. I was told that you had left for Israel. When I contacted you, I ordered a set of plates which you charge with information on resetting the Biological Clock. I also read all your interviews and found faith in the fact that you would save my life.
    Time was against me,and I decided to call you again. You were very attentive, listened to me with great patience and wisdom, and the advice you gave me during this conversation was very valuable. You supported doctor’s recommendation to go through chemo and radiation therapy. A month later I lost all my hair and weight. My kidneys started to fail, I was short of breath. Cancer was progressing. And only reading your books kept me afloat. It stopped the time of death.
    Another month passed, and I couldn’t lift my right arm – it was all swollen. I felt death breathing down my neck. I was at the end of the rope, my oncologist confirmed the worst fears – medicine was helpless. One day, when I felt really bad, I called my wife and asked her to come and visit me with the kids – at that time she spent most of her time with her parents. I wanted to say farewell to my family. They came in the evening. I was in my bed, wrapped up with pillows and all possible tubing, connected to me.
    My attending nurse left for the kitchen, while my family surrounded me. My wife kissed me goodbye, and I felt her tears. “I am sorry”, she whispered and left the room, trying to cope with crying. With the utmost effort, I raised myself in bed and addressed my kids, “My dearest! I love you SO much. You are grown up now, you have to understand that tomorrow I may pass away. I wish I were alive and live long, but I am very sick. Please, stay together, help each other and always support your mother. Please, promise me.” I turned away unable to hold tears. My kids were crying too. They climbed into my bed, touching me, crying and asking not to leave them. My wife came back, tried to take them away, but she couldn’t. So we laid in my bed, hugging each other and the kids finally fell asleep.
    Suddenly I saw that my room was filled with some strange greenish-blue clouds, they were flowing right at me. Then some blinking violet light appeared and mixed with the cloud. I saw a rainbow in my bedroom. It was moving from one place to another floating through my room. “It must have some meaning, but what could that be?” I thought. And then I remembered your words “illness is a sign with the help of which we need to strive for self-perfection”. And then another one “the biggest misconception is to take Fate for granted”.
    I was laying in bed enchanted with the colorful energies flying around me. I visualized your face, your eyes and I thought I saw You, Alexander. I had a feeling that I was going crazy. But I am NOT a crazy man! I saw you vividly, and I heard you say,“Every occurrence in life has its meaning”. And then…a real miracle happened. I was floating over my physical body while you, Alexander, got my scull open and took out my brain tumor. And the tumor turned into a burning object, and then into ashes which you just shook off the palm of your hand. You closed my scull, and started looking for and finding small round objects around all my body. Those objects were the size and shape of a cherry, and you burned them. Suddenly all became dark. And I fell into a deep sleep.
    And the following is the record of what happened in the morning (according to my wife):
    Three doctors arrived and the decision was made to disconnect me from all life support. I was pale and looked unconscious, but all of a sudden, I smiled, and I started whispering something. I kept talking and turned into a baby – the character of your books and started floating along the stream of Time.
    I started my life all over again as a tiny thinking fluid, connecting with other fluids until I got materialized . I was floating through the Time of Eternity, I saw my relatives, my co-workers, even my dog! And I felt as if my body was being replenished with strength and health. After that I opened my eyes, and the first thing I saw was my wife turned gray, and then I saw her smiling at me. During the time of my sleep she read your both books, and she also saw you and knew I would live on!
    For the next 2 days I was drinking only water, and then I was able to walk to the bathroom and take a shower. We called for doctors. They consulted with each other and allowed me to take some food. I felt as if I was newly born. I called you. But you were in California at that time. I shared with you what had happened to me and I remembered you advised me to fly to California to see you. Alexander, you and only you know what I had to go through on the way to my recovery. I am absolutely sure that I am still alive only because of you and thanks to your books The First Revelation of Aleksandr and The Second Revelation of Aleksandr. And also thanks to your interviews and your plates – they helped me to overcome excruciating pain. While reading your books I felt I understood every word you wrote. Your books helped me not to surrender. It’ s been almost eight years since then, and I live a full life. I decided to write this letter, because you indeed help people to get out of very serious diseases, including oncology.
    Now, while reading your interviews over and over again, I am amazed at your deep knowledge and the way you help people to overcome their problems. I read many letters from your grateful patients. But the story published in your December 2011 interview – how you helped an oncology patient to get rid of metastases – leaves no doubts. You plant seeds of Love and Light, trying to help everyone who come to you. Thank you for being there for others.

    With deep respect, Leonid Litman, Chicago.

  • Yuzik Shuster:

    Dear Alexander, I had been sick for about two years, and nobody was able to help me. My problem was that the right side of my face was contorted with a grimace and then I had a severe pain. Doctors diagnosed me with facial nerve neuralgia, MRI did not show anything. I tried all kinds of ointments and pain killers. But the pain would not go away. Then I decided to see some healers, but unfortunately they could not help me either. I learnt about you by mere chance — someone gave your books and interviews to my wife.
    She read them in no time, and advised me to see you, but I was sceptical and didn’t trust doctors and healers any more. The only thing I wanted was to stop this pain by all means. So once, when the pain got intolerable, I called you but I was told that you had left for South Carolina. Your secretary gave me your phone number and I spoke with you. I was astounded with your knowledge of medicine. Without seeing me you determined that I had a benign tumor and advised me to get one more MRI. Your diagnosis was confirmed! My tumor was removed and now I am «flying». Finally I live in peace and want to live on. How many sleepless nights I had had because the doctors could not timely give me the right diagnosis!
    It won’t be enough to thank you and to bow low to you. I will be deifying you for the rest of my life for your knowledge that you generously give out to people. People need to have your books and interviews handy as the best medicine possible. All medications have side effects, while your books are a direct prompt how to change one’s life and cure any ailments, because they make us look at the things at a different angle. Unfortunately, most people have herd thinking, that’s why antagonism exists. Your books are a bright torch that lights the road for the followers. It lights thousands of roads, and every person chooses his/her road.
    They are unique and ingenious, as well as your methods and techniques of healing and diagnostics. I am counting the days when you are coming back from South Carolina and I will be able to see you in November. Meanwhile I am re-reading your materials and thank you for saving my life.
    Yuzik Shuster, Brooklyn, NY.

  • Raisa Gotlieb:

    My first appointment with Aleksandr was my last hope. My illness began 11 years ago. One night I felt short of breath and had a heart pain, fingers and toes on the right side were numb. My husband called the emergency and I was taken to the hospital. Doctors ordered all tests but found nothing. I was told that the saliva might have gotten in my windpipe; and I was released from the hospital.
    In four days I had another attack, though in the afternoon. Thus my epic story started – I started going to numerous doctors (from one doctor to another). I had tried everything that was available to modern medicine and pharmacology. I was sent from one psychiatrist another, from a cardiologist to a pulmonologist. I was given 16 sessions of hypnosis, but nothing changed. I started seeing American healers, psychics. I went to Brazil to see John of G-d (“João de Deus”). He worked with my problems six days. I was even “buried” in Mexico (deposited in the earth). I tried other thing but got a zero result. I had attacks every week. While taking various medications I damaged my kidneys, liver, thyroid, stomach. In the morning, my mouth was full of mucus. I had to resign. I was so anemic that could hardly walk. The hair loss was dramatic. I stayed in a psychiatric ward where I was getting hypnosis sessions again. At least my husband’s medical insurance covered the mediocrity and low performance of the doctors. Eleven year of tears, eleven years crossed out from my life. At last, as advised by my friend I got an appointment with Aleksandr. This day started a count of my new life. After a thorough exam he gave me a diagnosis – I had some problems in my spine;
    he set the disks. There was a strong crackle. He told me that the spine discs pressed a nerve, and since now on everything would be fine. He recommended some exercises for the back and the cervical area, he found scoliosis and advised me to put support insoles in my footwear. I had only three appointments with Aleksandr and now I am healthy and happy. I have not experienced sleepless nights, heart pain and short breath for a year already.
    In January 2010 I ordered serotonin from Aleksandr and stopped taking any medications. It is an amazing food supplement. But I have my own way of taking it. Aleksandr may find it interesting. I take it with meals, and after meals I go to my terrace (balcony) for 2 minutes to expose myself to sun beams (to take a sun-bath), or go to my bathroom to expose myself to the bright light of a lamp that I have there. I have read everything available about serotonin and learned that the light enhances its effect. But the most important thing is that I do not have enough words to express my gratitude to Aleksandr – because he saved me. I have read all his books and interviews and I came to understanding that he is the best diagnostician and healer. His books are an unsurpassed work for the sake of the mankind. In his books, everyone will find his or her opportunity or means of release of feelings, aspirations and sentiments.

  • Galina Salucoenyo:

    Dear Aleksandr!
    I had been getting treatment for different illnesses for four years and gave up any hope – hormones, antibiotics, antidepressants, etc. Allergy, dizziness, vomiting, weakness, I could not walk, I was loosing hair. I stop here. So, in January 2010 my friend recommended me to see you, and you diagnosed lupus. I got tests done that you advised. You suppositions have proved to be true. I had three more visits to your office, and now I am a totally different person. But before, I did not want to live. Thank you for your help. In my thought I apologize all the time for my previous confidence that you would not be able to help me.

  • Genrietta Zorina:

    Dear Aleksandr,
    I had an appointment with you on January 14, 2010. I live in Canada for 11 years, before that I lived in Germany for 4 years. I got sick all of a sudden 16 year ago – I got dizzy, dripped wet with cold sweats and fainted. Now I am 34. Since then, I have been given many diagnoses, starting with dystonia of the vegetative-vascular system to brain blood circulation deficiency to vegetative asthenic syndrome. I was even checked for lupus. For 9 years I have been getting the epilepsy diagnosis, or rather one of its variants. Because of taking various medications, I got liver, thyroid, stomach, kidney and heart problems. I developed allergies, nervous breakdowns and depression, my vision started deteriorating. When I came for an appointment with you, you diagnosed me, listened to me attentively and told me that I did not have any epilepsy and I should stop taking medication for it. You said that you thought I had an Adams-Stoke syndrome. For 16 years of treatment in Canada and Germany none of the doctors even thought of checking me for the said syndrome. I want to thank you for saving my life. Your diagnosis was confirmed!

  • Bertha Samus:

    I had been treated for 18 years in Belorussia where I lived, and for 9 year in the USA. I looked like a shadow of myself, I vomited all the time, would scratch my body to bleed, lost vision on one eye. I had an impression that something was crawling inside my body. A battery of tests would not show anything. The doctor prescribed some sedative pills. Everybody recommended me to see a psychiatrist. When I came to Aleksandr, he ordered a battery of tests, including a test for Casoni reaction. My doctor did not know what kind of test it was. Being in his office I called Aleksandr who explained to the doctor that he suspected I had echinococcus. After the tests were done, the doctor was surprised that Aleksandr gave the right diagnosis. I got rid of the parasites and got well.

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